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  1. i like you
    by amy sedaris

    oh my goodness, this book is a riot! the subtitle reads 'hospitality under the influence.' mmmmhmmmm, indeed. a quick flip through the pages and you'll find assorted recipes, craft ideas and a plethora of interesting, not to mention highly entertaining, photographs. you will laugh, you will cry from laughing, your jaw might even drop...but i'd be willing to be a quarter that if you're having a bad day, this book could put a smile on your face.

    aside from the recipes, which i don't know that i entirely trust all of them, amy offers a variety of scenarios in which one should be prepared to play a proper host. everything from throwing a last minute party, unexpected guests, blind dates and ladies night. you'll find ideas for invitations (handwritten or by phone), party decorations (googly eyes are a must!) and even ways to make money during your party (entertaining for jars and 25 cent tables). in fact, there are even step-by-step photographs for how to put on pantyhose. four pages of photos, to be exact.

    something hilarious lurks on nearly every page. please, if you read it, let me know what your favorite part is!

    i'm including another clip of amy, this time from her visit to the martha stewart show. good times.

  2. the giraffe and the pelly and me
    by roald dahl

    while this tiny tome took me about 7 days to read, i bet most of you could read it in 7 minutes. it's delightful and definitely a joy to read. you will feel good & silly when reading this story. you will! in this tale, young billy befriends, you might be able to guess, a giraffe, a pelican and....a monkey! these animals have some special talents they put to use and the foursome becomes the ladderless window-cleaning company. the company is asked to clean all the windows of a VIP in town and, in doing so, adventure begins!

    if you've ever wanted to ride in the beak of a pelican, watch a giraffe extend her neck as high as the sky, discover a monkey's favorite snack or own a sweet shop...this book is a must-read!

    i think i will see if my sister wants to take it home with her. she is visiting for a few days and is an avid reader. i finished this book while we were both lounging in the living room, reading! (bliss)

    the year is halfway over and i'm 13.3% through this challenge. sad. but i'm not stopping! and, i've only purchased 2 books for myself this year. two!! that is a record, i am certain. of course, i've been given quite a few books. heh. but they are on the shelf, for now, until next year. one book at a time. i started the amy sedaris book i like me right after cesar's way. i love amy sedaris and her book is an absolute hoot. the first, um, experience i ever had with ms. sedaris was catching her on david letterman one night. i was in tears by the end of the bit. through the magic of the internet, allow me to share:

  3. (not to be confused with maypole)
    ok, down to business. here are the results for the may poll:


    100% of you said NAY!